The orderly’s idea of sweeping and washing are very rudimentary…..

1Dorothy Feb 1916 Rouen8/09/2016

My Dearest Mother

Your fat letter with enclosures I found awaiting me when I got back last night and now to-day a registered letter. I will sign the paper and return it some day when I am down in Rouen.

To-day has been very wet and miserable. Tim and I have been spring cleaning our room as the orderly’s idea of sweeping and washing are very rudimentary. We washed the floor and did it all thoroughly and then set up Tim’s camp bed which has just arrived. I hope you are having better weather for the harvest.

I wrote to Mr Todd over a month ago for seeds and they didn’t arrive so I wrote and complained. He wrote back most apologetically and said he’d sent them off himself and so I suppose they must have got lost when there was all that irregularity I the mails. However he is repeating the order and I hope it will come soon.

Thank Father for his recent letters and beg him from me not to write on that thin yellow paper, as the writing shows through both sides and it is dreadfully hard to read.

Could you write to the London Glove Co. and get an illustrated catalogue of jerseys from them, as the one I bought from Hopes was too small and I have sold it to another. Also I want some black stockings; tell me what kind you and price you usually get from them. If you’ll just send them a p.c. to send me a catalogue that will be quite all right.

I must stop now; I’ve heaps more to tell say but no time to say it.

Best love to you both

Your loving Dorothy.

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Beyond the day job, and the garden, I love to delve into local and family history. While pursuing one project other snippets frequently distract me, resulting in the eclectic mix of tales from the past found here.

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