The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there…

Many of us love to dig around in the past, you do not have to go back many years before the differences become apparent. Look back forty years and family photos provide amusing outfits, fabulous shoes, awesome hair and a reminder of the days when life seemed simpler, or is that just nostalgia?  Naturally I cannot remember much beyond that, but each generation feels the next has an easier life and judging by the stories of parents and grandparents they do seem to have a point.

I believe the most fundamental changes are to be found in the fabric of our daily lives, and it is the daily lives of local working people that interests me the most. What did they experience when they walked through the town over one hundred years ago, what was the hot gossip of the day, and where did they go to have fun ? I aim to find out, and I promise to share …

There are two blog pages on this site accessed by selecting the options to the left ( or above on a phone).

Tales from the Past  links to the local stories I have been looking into , including Dorothy’s Letters.

Museum of Rural Life : links to MORL projects and artefacts which can be seen at Alford Manor House Museum of Rural Life.

If you have time have a look through the other pages, there are some interesting stories there.

I have a few larger projects bubbling away, when there is time to pursue them, as I complete them I will add new pages.