about SRC Almshouses

Sir Robert Christopher’s Almshouses : Originating from the benevolence of Sir Robert Christopher in his will of 1668, rebuilt in 1870, by 2012 they were derelict and in desperate need of repair. This page covers the extensive renovation project which began in September 2013.

Mr Clive Sutton visited the site on a regular basis through out the renovations creating this wonderful photographic archive of the project. All of these photos have been posted with his authorisation, please do not reproduce them elsewhere without permission.

The latest renovations continue a long tradition of improving the dwellings for their inhabitants :

The following article appeared in the Stamford Mercury in May 1870

Alford.—Sir Robert Christopher’s almshouses, or the bedehouses, consisting of five old-fashioned and quaint buildings,in West-street, are being pulled down, and new houses, at cost of about 600 L, will soon be built on the site, by Messrs. Hasnip, at the cost of Lady Mary and the Hon. Nisbet Hamilton. There was small oval tablet surmounted by coat of arms, inserted in front of the middle house, with the following inscription :—

“These almshouses were builded by the last will and testament of Sir Robert Christopher, Knt, Anno Domini 1660. Repaired 1821”

reproduced with permission of the British Newspaper Archive http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/

In Mid-June 2015 it was announced that SRC Almshouses will receive the National Almshouse Association Patron’s Award. This is a great honour and the success of this project is due to the strong team effort of everyone involved.

HRH The Prince of Wales, Patron of the Almshouse Association, introduced the awards scheme in 2001 to encourage the highest standards in almshouse developments. The Awards Committee visit all shortlisted projects and, after final consideration, recommendations are submitted to the Patron. The Committee look for excellence in every aspect of a project – architectural design and conservation (including craftsmanship and respect for old fabric). Projects should meet the standards outlined in Support & Care for Residents.For Listed Almshouses the Committee look for very high standards of restoration and conservation balanced with the need for them to be functional and affordable homes.

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