Quick update from MORL …

Friday 13th March 2020
Today the team initially unpacked and set up the garden furniture which had spent the winter in the Wedding Shelter. We then helped the garden volunteers replace the netting on the fruit cage. Then it was time to have some fun……..!
thumbnailWe unpacked our newly restored “Cook’s” elevator and started the slightly reluctant engine. Tony Hogg is seen oiling the sliding surfaces that the slats run on.
thumbnail (1)
We awoke the combine from its slumbers but did not drive it out. It started very quickly and ran well. You may have noticed that I have started applying the “Massey Harris” decals, one of which is visible in the attached picture. I am painting the last section of it now which is the driver’s platform and control levers etc.
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Beyond the day job, and the garden, I love to delve into local and family history. While pursuing one project other snippets frequently distract me, resulting in the eclectic mix of tales from the past found here.

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