Paris is simply stuffed with Americans; they are beastly people: I simply can’t stand them

_Bertha__(large_German_field_gun)_in_Concord_Park,_Paris._LCCN201664802129/01/1919                                      HMB

My Dearest Father

We seem to have been living in such a whirl lately that I have been remiss in the matter of correspondence. Last Sunday Fraser and I went to Paris, that is to say, we went on Saturday night and came back on Sunday night. She has an uncle who is a doctor in Paris and has a French wife. They put us up and were jolly decent to me. We had quite a good time: all the shops were shut and it was a beastly day, with snow and sleet and a bitter wind, but I enjoyed seeing all the trophies. The Place de la Concorde is full of them, including a Boche tank and heavy guns. The whole of the Champs Elysees is lined both sides with light guns and Trench Mortar Batteries. Paris is simply stuffed with Americans; they are beastly people: I simply can’t stand them.

The Sunday before that we had a great rag. The Remount Camp here get up a mounted paper chase nearly every Sunday and we went out to the meet, quite a lot of us in two ambulances! The meet was up in the forest and we saw a lot of people we knew. Then when they’d started we motored to another spot and saw them all ride past on the trail. Then we went down to the training school, a funny bare sandy plain full of trenches and lewis guns ranges and so forth. We ran across that on foot and got there just in time to see the finish. We went back to the Indian Gunner’s Mess and there I met Mr Ashcroft in the Indian Cavalry who had been told by B May to look me up. We had a topping tea there and then motored home in the faithful ambulance.

Last Monday we did a Pierrot show up here among ourselves which was quite a success. It was a farewell party to a very jolly NZ VAD who was leaving. Saturday we are to give a dance at the VAD club for our friends. Tuesday next I and Fraser are going to dance at the VAD hostel a fancy dress affair. Life has become very gay here since the armistice. We are very busy too with the electricity. We expect to move in March but it isn’t settled officially. It is bitterly cold with occasional falls of snow.

I must dry up now or I shall miss the post.

I am hoping to go to Cannes for a week in about a fortnight’s time at the BRCS expense: it is a great opportunity to see the Riviera on the cheap. I am tired and want a rest, I can’t get away than 9 or 10 days at the outside so it isn’t worth while coming to Blighty for a flying visit when I shall be home for keeps in a few months. I should be grateful for a little financial aid if convenient!!

Best love to you all.

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