The rain is incessant and the whole place is a perfect swamp…

The pont boieldieu Rouen Rain-effect-1896  Camille  Pissarro


My Dearest Mother

It is very sickening but I do not expect to get home this week, or at any rate at the end instead of today or tomorrow. Matron is held in England and cannot get back because of some new regulation I think. So till she comes back I know now to avoid the same trouble I shan’t budge. It is a beastly nuisance but absolutely unavoidable.

I have had enough of plain boat hold ups without courting anything else, besides it wouldn’t be fair on Tim whose turn comes after mine and who wants to get home to her Mother who is seedy.

It is awfully busy at the moment in the “electro” and in the garden.

Hope to see you soon

Best love  your loving D.

Post leave letter …

25/10/1917                                                               Hopital Militaire Belge

My Dearest Mother

I wired to you as soon as I landed: I had a fairly decent crossing, a bit rolling in mid-channel nothing upsetting. I picked up Mrs Spence at S’hampton and we shared a cabin which was quite decent. I couldn’t catch the early train so I waited for her and we had breakfast at the Hotel Normandie together and then sat there till it was time for my train, and then she came to see me off. She was a nice girl and it made the journey more pleasant to have a congenial companion.

Well here I am back at work: nearly all my favourite patients have gone in my absence and lots of new ones some which is very confusing. Tim has carried on splendidly in my absence. She leaves me on Tuesday perhaps for 6 days and perhaps for weeks or even months. It is horrible to contemplate in every way. She is splendid in the work and knows all the little ins and outs so awfully well.

The rain is incessant and the whole place is a perfect swamp.

The Spring Rheophores (?) are a great success and the gloves have been much admired. The commissions all seem to have been satisfactory and Tim will bring the suit-case back next week Colonel Sandall is not far away from here: I shall try to see him soon. I had a letter from Mrs S telling me all about him. I have had a letter from the Bird who is in Paris: how she has got there I can’t imagine.

The cake was a great success: it is now no more I am sorry to say – Do write and ask Leonard Hall to hurry up with my watch : I am lost without it, also my big haversack.

I must stop now: best love to you both and Molly when you see her.

Your loving Dorothy


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Beyond the day job, and the garden, I love to delve into local and family history. While pursuing one project other snippets frequently distract me, resulting in the eclectic mix of tales from the past found here.

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