I wonder if Col. S will come to Rouen: it would be awfully jolly if he did…

IMG_20150426_00029/9/1917                                              HMB

My Dearest Mother

It gives me great pleasure to think that ,barring accidents, a month hence I shall be with you and it will be Father’s birthday. I am looking forward immensely to my leave, to a stay with you, a happy return from exile though alas it is only a short one.

I haven’t seen the Dales girl yet but I expect she will turn up soon. You needn’t worry about servant trouble, I will see that my visit doesn’t entail much extra trouble, and above all don’t make any extra preparations for me as I am used to looking after myself.

Please keep my Red Cross Certificate I couldn’t do with it out here.

My hands are perfectly all right again: it is only a single Urticaria, probably bought on by eating bad food of some kind. The men have had what they call “coliques” really a very mild form of dysentery in large numbers and a good many of the nurses have had derangements in their little Maries. No doubt the urticarial was from the same source but took a different form.

You sound as though I had sent you too many jugs: I hope you aren’t laid on with so many but they are such pretty colourings and are so delightful for flowers: we always use them.

I wonder if Col. S will come to Rouen: it would be awfully jolly if he did.

I have still got the Telegraph cuttings: they have done the round of the nurses and have interested us immensely.

Tell Father I am looking forward immensely to a little shooting: I expect I shall be a terrible shot but I shall enjoy myself immensely en tout cas.

I bought myself some coloured engravings that I hankered after very much with Father’s money and spent the rest on new tyres. I shall bring yours home to invest I think.

Perhaps Father will send me a little money to come home on: it would be wise I think, as I may get hung up at Havre if the weather is bad. We have had two deaths this week, one from cancer of the stomach and the other from a stoppage – the men simply revel in funerals and put on their best uniforms and all their medals for the occasion. It is a funny taste isn’t it.

I hope you have written to the Bureau des Conges for that paper and have by now received it and sent it back to them filled up. It is rather important as it gives me a free journey to and from Havre to Alford (of course I shall travel 1st on the boat and pay the difference)   which is worth a good deal. I warned you in plenty of time as they are rather slow sometimes.

I must stop now as it is bed-time.

Best love to you all your loving Dorothy







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