I can’t hear anything but Russian ballet and now I suppose they are gone from one’s gaze for ever…

Leonide_Massine_as_Joseph_in_the__Legend_of_Joseph__(1914)._Cover_Photo_of_the_Journal__Comoedia_Illustre._ (1)
Leonide Massine as Joseph in the “Legend of Joseph” (1914)


My dearest Mother

The haversack has arrived: it was marked “warm clothing” which tickled me immensely. It’s very nicely done. I knew the Schumann books were in bosche only but that doesn’t matter for songs: a lot of them are Heine’s poems and it would be criminal to translate them, just as the “Ring” sung in English must be a bit odd I think.

Tell Father with my love that he is not to add “Rouen France” on your envelopes: he did once and it was underlined in red and blue pencil.

As for Hobsons: you paid for those numerals which I am asking you to return and claim for.

When I was home I ordered buttons and numerals for the coat Chandler made me. They sent me 34, instead of 32: however Chandler was able to supply me with a pair. So you have paid for it and it is quite useless to me so I want it to go back. Also the other old things which they said they could do with very well and redip them. I have drawn all the money you mentioned in bills and am very settled in funds consequently.

I had a letter from Eddie who seems to be enjoying life at his newspot.

How awfully tiresome of Frances: I hope M may be able to find a new nurse and a more satisfactory one at thet.

I think I told you when I was home that a favourite patient of mine was going to have a serious operation. It came off on the 22nd and was a complete success. I have seen him daily since and he is in high spirits and going to be married soon.

Jolly for Robin to get a bit of shooting: I think it must be very tantalising up the lines to see so much game and not allowed to shoot it, but I believe a well trained lurcher dog has a “success foul”

I suppose my watch will come soon now: it is an age. I’m afraid it has given you lots of trouble.

There was a misunderstanding about writing our names on the envelopes and we have been told not to do it and your letters reach me quite all right.

I have been having quite a go of opera lately. The Sunday before Tim left we went to hear Faust. The principals were excellent, the chorus and orchestra were second rate and the ballet gave me the pip. I can’t hear anything but Russian ballet and now I suppose they are gone from one’s gaze for ever.

I enjoyed it immensely however: Tim was distressed because the basso was stout and made a too genial devil!!

Last Saturday evening we went to “Les Noces de Jeanette” and Boheme. I have heard it before here, but it is one of my favourites so naturally I went again. This next Sunday it is Pagliacci and Orpheus so we are having quite an orgy. Do you remember we did the second act of Orpheus for the combined piece at the last Spilsby Festival.

I’m afraid a female Orpheus may be a bit trying in places.

I am getting on with my Flemish I begin to understand a bit, the most difficult of all is that there are so many patois. The war news continues to be like the curate’s egg. How I hope they may save Venice from the greedy hands of those Swine.

I’m not sure that old Asquith isn’t trying to do the dirty on someone. In the immortal words of old Caroline” If they don’t watch him tight ‘e’ll do ‘em”

I am very sorry the hear John is being so harried, cant Jack Botham help him indirectly at all ? Old Sir A is the most irritating old idiot that ever existed.

Dr Stouffs has been away for two days this week so I have been in charge and jolly busy at that, and now the end of the month is upon me.

I miss Tim fearfully: she has been gone a month now and it seems like 3 or 4. I am not entirely a lonely soldier however as there is a very decent sort here, a girl called Beatty. Her father is an old Naval Captain a fiery waterman but they live in Hampshire. She is a dear and we see a lot of each other. She is our last addition to the staff and arrived just before I went on leave.

I must dry up now and make my bed: it is clean sheet day so it has to be made properly!!

Best love to you and Father and Molly and kisses for the next generation.

Your loving Dorothy.

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