Mrs Pollard took me to see “Madame et son filleul” a French farce, extremely amusing with humour of a broad variety

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris 1916 – 1917

My dearest Father              20/05/1917 HMB

I’m afraid it is sometime since I wrote but I have been very busy in the garden and with arrears of work too. I will try to finish the story of my trip to Paris: I think I told you that I had a top-hole lunch with a friend and afterwards returned to a discussion on artificial legs and various orthopaedic apparatus. Then I went for a stroll and did some shopping and returned to the Astoria for dinner.

After dinner Mrs Pollard took me to see “Madame et son filleul” a French farce, extremely amusing with humour of a broad variety. We roared with laughter and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. On the Thursday morning I returned to the congress and heard some more. Dr McClure and Dr Stouffs had both been invited to lunch by Mrs Pollard so we repaired back to the Astoria, Dr Stouffs and Dr McClure followed. After lunch we saw round the hospital which is beautifully fitted up and then I went off to a Belgian staff place to have my conge paper stamped and [had] a nose around the shops afterwards. There I made a few purchases and then had tea with Mrs Pollard, bade her and the hospital a fond farewell and caught the 5 o’clock train back to Rouen where Time met me.

She is at present on leave: she went home last Monday. I would like Mother to get my cycle carrier detached and packed up and also our foot pump and have them sent to Tim at once as she will bring them back for me. Also I want a tyre repair outfit with them as it is absolutely necessary to have such an outfit with one if one goes far.

About the bike which you are so kindly giving me; £3.10.0 is about right. Thank you very much.

Please ask Mother if she would despatch the cycle things at once to:

Miss Anwyl. Lligwy, Machynlleth, Wales.

The garden is beginning to look lovely: I have a round bed of pink Darwin tulips underplanted with forgetmenot which are a sight. I have had another very pretty bed with yellow jonquils and forgetmenot: the jonquils are over now and some poeticus have come up in their place but they have not done so well. My sweet-peas are tall and healthy: we have four double rows in various stages of growth. The annuals are doing pretty well too. The camassias are beginning to come out and look delightful.

I must stop now.

My best love to the family.

Your loving Dorothy.

I think I did acknowledge your draft on the C.L. Thank you very much for it.

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Beyond the day job, and the garden, I love to delve into local and family history. While pursuing one project other snippets frequently distract me, resulting in the eclectic mix of tales from the past found here.

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