..the sausages and pork pies … were delicious in spite of being 10 days old!!

Dorothy Feb 1916 Rouen18/04/1917 HMB

My dearest Mother

Your wire to Tim arrived this afternoon: how it happened that my wire to you despatched from Havre at 8.45 Monday morning with my own hands has not reached you I am entirely unable to explain: it cannot have been stopped for military reasons as I simply stated that I had arrived and nothing more. Anyway I have sent off another in French this afternoon which I hope will reach its destination. Perhaps by now the original one has come through.

I arrived on Monday morning having crossed on Sunday night. It was rough but I was not ill merely rather uncomfortable. Mrs Pollard caught me up on Saturday evening and we crossed together. She did not travel on with me as the other VAD and I caught a slow train to Rouen. I got all my possessions safely here and they are delighted with the lamps we ate the sausages and pork pies and they were delicious in spite of being 10 days old!! I had a P>C> from M telling me that R was coming over.

The weather is very rotten here: it is still very cold and rains fearfully. My Brig. Gen. patient has left, what a pity.

I had to send the wire to May, I hope it has reached her safely. I have also written. They have just put us in two topping new baths and are going to arrangedais about hot water to be laid on sometime. Our daisies are out and look awfully pretty. I have absolutely no more news so I’ll dry up.


Best love to you both

Your loving Dorothy.

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Mrs T

Beyond the day job, and the garden, I love to delve into local and family history. While pursuing one project other snippets frequently distract me, resulting in the eclectic mix of tales from the past found here.

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