Things have got fairly straight in the hospital now….

D Higgins 1915 IWMJune 15th 1916

My Dearest Mother

Tim is writing this for me as I have had a synovial cyst taken out of my right wrist as it was very swollen and tiresome and had started to adhere to the surrounding bones and tendons. It was quite a little operation done with a local anaesthetic injected into the wrist. The young surgeon did it on Saturday afternoon and it didn’t hurt at all but as he had to make a cut about an inch long I have three stitches in it, I have my hand in a sling and can not use it at all for the moment.

Things have got fairly straight in the hospital and my new treatments room is very nice but the electric current is not very regular now as we make our own electricity and the machine at present used is too weak. A new one is on its way but has not yet arrived. However we are getting on very nicely and I have already double the number of patients I had down at Rouen and take in lots of new ones every day.

I have been very hay-fevery all this week and am a public nuisance sneezing all over the place –

I am very much looking forward to my leave – I hope we’ll have nice weather at home when I come.

The last two days here have been fine and sunny but otherwise it has rained ever since the beginning of June and been bitterly cold too. The poor garden has suffered dreadfully from the weather and especially the effects of a violent hail storm which cut and dashed all our seedlings most dreadfully – however they are beginning to look up a little now.

Beginning on the fourteenth of June we are day light saving too and in reality I get up at half past five though it is half past six in summer time it is certainly quite a god scheme.

We are both very tired as it is our Sunday off and we have been a long way out picnicking this afternoon. Tim must be especially tired as she had to dress me and look after me altogether. She has been most awfully good to me. She refused to write those last two sentences so I had to.

This is an effort with my left hand not bad is it? I must dry with best love

From your loving daughter


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Mrs T

Beyond the day job, and the garden, I love to delve into local and family history. While pursuing one project other snippets frequently distract me, resulting in the eclectic mix of tales from the past found here.

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