It has been Tim’s and my Sunday off ( sounds like the servants doesn’t it ?)

IMG_20150426_000212.3.16                                                                  Rouen

My Dearest Mother

This will not be a very long letter as I’m awfully sleepy. It has been Tim’s and my Sunday off (sounds like servants doesn’t it) and we’ve been for a long walk and picnicked in the forest. It sounds a bit crazy but it has been positively hot today. I am nominally free every Sunday but am generally doing dressings or relieving someone who has an off day, or making myself useful somewhere, and so I save up and have a real free Sunday when Tim’s monthly holiday comes round. We had an extra hour in bed, ( joyous affair when one usually turns out at 6.30am) and then after brekker we cut sandwiches and hard boiled eggs and filled up the Thermos, which is a great boon and joy on these occasions and set off about 11.30.

We took a tram to the outskirts of Rouen and then walked up a long hill to Canteleu a little village just outside Rouen on the Havre road where one gets a lovely view of Rouen and the port of Rouen. We went on beyond to the Foret de Roumare which comes in a loop of the river below Rouen. This is a large scale map and it is a huge forest so we really went quite a long way. We plunged into the forest and sat in a little sheltered corner (on my Burberry) on heather and bracken and munched sandwiches in the blazing sunshine and really felt hot. Several rabbits who came to look for their dinner fled away in horror. When we were rested we walked along various paths and saw several deer quite close. When we were tired of wandering about we struck down a steep valley between chalk cliffs to Dieppedalle a little village on the river bank about 6km from Rouen. There we ferried across the river and caught a dock train home.

We were out from 11.30 to 5 and the unaccustomed dose of fresh air has made me very sleepy.

It was great fun and we enjoyed it immensely. I longed for my Kodak but that alas is with you and likely to be so. Tim has got a promotion: she is to leave her huge ward of 64 beds tomorrow and go into the operation ward where all the cases who have been operated on are put.

It is of course awfully interesting and one sees all the first dressings and everything. I’m awfully glad as her big ward is a very uphill task and very wearing, the cleaning and supervising of orderlies I mean.

I think I told you we had a second go of snow and the fur gloves, both mine and Tim’s just saved our lives. She has been awfully busy all week with case book and lists as she knew the change was coming or she would have written to you before. The pollaccine arrived last Monday quite safely and I had an injection at once. Tim did it for me, with Sister looking on. T. is an excellent surgical nurse, I do not know whether being an artist has anything to do with it.

I had an awfully swollen and hot arm for a day and a half so it “took” very well.

I hope B is nearly all right with the Lincolnshire air and good treatment. Please give her my love.

What did Mrs Swan die of! It was dreadfully sudden and sad: I’m sorry for the family. I can’t say that Mrs Coney Beare’s demise cuts me to the heart.

You and Father keep talking about letters from M. but I never get sight of one: if you can spare them for a few days, I’d love to see them.

I’m afraid you won’t get your baskets in time: they are very big ones and the man has been ill and unable to finish them in time. I’m very sorry but it couldn’t be helped.

It was an excellent photo of Archie in the Standard. Please thank father for sending it.

I must dry up now,

Best love to you all

Your loving Dorothy

What did you think of the snapshot I sent you the other day? I didn’t get your letter of the 5th till Friday: I hope the Zepps didn’t play you up last week.

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