He comes when he likes and goes when he likes, chiefly gets in my way, and generally annoys me….

Dorothy Feb 1916 RouenRouen     Sunday 27th Feb 1916

My Dearest Mother

Thank you so much for your letters and parcels. The parcel with the Oatine etc. only took 5 days: that was indeed a miracle. Thank you very much for its most valued and appreciated contents.

I have had a very heavy work week; last Sunday, my chief orderly in the electric room fell down some stairs and sprained his ankle.

On Monday, which is one of the heaviest days in the week, he was of course in or on his bed, and also the medical student, a young Belgian Dr Deraedt, who is with us learning electrotherapie had a days conge to go to Le Havre – so Dr Stouffs and I had to work like n****rs.

This young student is going soon I hope as he is a beastly nuisance, he comes when he likes and goes when he likes chiefly gets in my way and generally annoys me. He thinks that because he is half a doctor that he has the right to interfere with me when and how he likes, and it is most trying to have an idle young fool loafing in and doing everything wrong.

I nearly burnt my hands today but I just managed to save them: I upset pure carbolic acid on my hands, but poured alcohol on at once and so saved them and they are none the worse. I was very sorry to hear yesterday that one of my nicest ex-patients, a young Belgian sub-altern, was killed at the front with his brother, a few days ago. They were unscrewing the fuse off a shell which suddenly exploded.

There is little or no news to tell you. I am quite fit and well again. The Winter has been upon us all this week. It started on Monday with a heavy fall of snow and it has been snowing on and off all the week and very cold. My fur gloves have been a great joy I can tell you.

We have had Sister to tea this afternoon: she is an awfully good sort: Time and I get on splendidly with her. First of all we took two paralysed men out of Tim’s ward for a Taxi drive and tea which they loved.

It was rather strenuous for us, as one of them speaks less French than I do Flemish and so the conversation was rather scrappy.

I must dry up now: I am awfully sleepy.

Best love to you both

Your loving Dorothy.

P.S. I enclose a photo of myself taken by one of the Doctors for some new official papers we have to have. I look rather like a female P.C.

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